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From out of nowhere

We talk a lot about what goes viral on the internet.  Viral videos, viral trends, hashtags, etc.  But what about viral news?  We never think about news as being viral but it certainly is.  What makes certain news items catch our attention?  Important people such as the President or a celebrity make news.  They are names we are familiar with and people we care about despite having never met them or contacted them.  But what about the Malaysian Airlines crash?  Why has this captivated our attention?  How is it different from any other plane crash?  The answer is the search for answers.

Curiosity is in human nature.  We want to know where we came from, how things work, and what our place is in the universe.  And we want to know what happened to that airplane.  There is no trace of the airplane, not a shard of metal in the ocean, no last message broadcasted from the plane, and no eyewitnesses.  News outlets and reported that the plane “disappeared”. But things don’t just disappear.  The plane, or remnants of the plane, must have gone somewhere.  It is that mystery that draws us in.  All we know is that something happened to that plane.  We don’t know what happened, who did it, or where it is.  People are asking their friends, “What do you think happened to that plane?” knowing that their friend has no idea.  But they want to hear his or her theory.  The want another scenario in their head.  They want to solve this great mystery.

77 years ago, Amelia Earhart disappeared in her airplane over the Pacific Ocean.  Today we still talk about her, we wonder what happened, and we search for her wreckage.  Another plane has disappeared in the Pacific without a trace and we wonder, will we find the wreckage, or is this the Amelia Earhart of our times?


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One thought on “From out of nowhere

  1. finnegank0 on said:

    News is viral and is so accessible we tend to forget about it. Many of us today act as if we don’t care about the news because it is not happening where we are or is too depressing to watch. But viral news is on just about any search engine site once you log on. I think what makes it important is the idea the person viewing it has. If something is happening in China that is irrelevant to me, I don’t care. You make a good point about curiosity. We are so curious about some things that mean nothing and others that are so important we turn our heads too. Viral news and videos are created, viewed, and such simply out of curiosity.

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