We Are The Disease

Spreading the Viral Phenomenon

The Untouched Model Campaign

It is no secret that the media that floods our news feeds, billboards, televisions and other publications contain images “perfect” models. Nor it is a secret that all of these images have undergone the tedious effort of key-combinations and clicks of a mouse to attain that beauty. This time, to an extremely noticeable level.

Appearing on the website of the popular chain, Target, was a very poorly photo-shopped image of a girl in a bikini,  with an obvious gaping space between her legs, and mistakenly cropping our her groin area. The desire to have a “thigh gap” between women’s legs is a growing trend and feeds the negative body images young girls have, being promoted by ads like this. Target spokesman, Even Miller, publicly apologized for this incident, labeling it an accident with a plan to correct the situation.

However, I can’t help but wonder, was this “accident” an evident attempt against the campaign of perfect women? Even amateur Photoshop artists have a better eye than this.  Was this perhaps a fight against these ads that contribute in lowering girls self-esteem? Some have argued that Target is trying to promote the thigh gap, however it is possible that the Photoshop artist behind the scandal is actually taking a stand against the issue by altering an image so ridiculous that is will go viral. The scandal has raised a great deal of awareness about the trend of attaining a thigh gap, actually pushing other popular stores who have a young audience against photo-shopped women. Stores such as American Eagle’s sister store, Aerie, has spoken out against airbrushing and began the Spring 2014 Campaign of untouched models, promoting “love the real you”.

Whether a horrible accident, a fight for skeleton- like women, or a secret campaign against photo-shopping models, this issue has gone viral, raising awareness about issues of body image and self worth, and most of all, the promotion of real women.


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