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Trust through Viral Videos

“Trust is a confusing thing. It seems so simple, but when you try to pin it down, it can be so elusive.”

Over 200,000 views within a week of being on YouTube, this viral video generated by the acrobatic group Cirque du Soleil explains the power and luxury of trust. Realistically, we think what does acrobats have to do with trust and what is a video going to show us. We learn trust through our own personal experiences. Watching this video will better explain how important the concept of trust truly is. For an acrobat – without trust, they can not do their job or perform to standards.

The video is narrated by BuzzFeed EVP Ze Frank. Ze Frank does a sensational job conveying how the two acrobats rely on one another for trust and support throughout their routine. Cirque du Soleil is something people around the word pay good amounts of money to watch but do not know what effort it takes to produce such a thrilling show.

Trust is something we all know, some may have it, some may not but it is in our daily lives. We trust our cars to get us to and from everyday right? I trust that my cell phone will work whenever I need it to. Regardless of the situation – trust is there.

An anthropological introduction to YouTube by Michael Wesch explains the idea on YouTube and the communication between sharing information. He states in the video that the web is not just to share information but to link people together, in ways never thought of before. This video about trust links people together from all around the world because it is accessible on YouTube and now multiple other sites from sharing it. Trust is an idea we all have, as I said before and this video can help connect people that may have not been connected before.

Someone with trust issues could have easily watched this video and realized how important trust is in a relationship, friendship, etc. and grow from watching it on the Internet and move forward as a better person. We don’t normally think of that when we click something do we? We click it because we like the content or our friends shared it or we have to because of an assignment or work. The internet and viral videos that get shared amongst people are more than just videos.

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One thought on “Trust through Viral Videos

  1. ncrabtree9 on said:

    This is a pretty cool way to get a new perspective on trust. Trust is everything today and extremely hard to gain. Being shown with acrobats just how important it is even in this way is an interesting way to look at it.

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