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When Strangers Make-out

What is trending in the world of viral phenomena? Make outs! The latest viral sensation took place on YouTube, in a video about 20 stranger’s first kiss. The short film was written and directed by Tatia Pilieva in hopes to illustrate the raw emotion of a heart racing first kiss. The 20 strangers selected, consisted of a diverse group people. Gay, straight, old, young, Black, Asia and more took on the task was to kissing a total stranger for the first time.

This was not a task for many. We know that first kisses can be nerve racking or awkward. One couple even asked if they could turn the lights out for their kiss. Aside from the pre-kiss jitters p witnessed in the first few minutes if the video what happens next is magic.

Besides from the staged strangers kissing in this short film, the reality is that many people in their late teens and twenties have these kinds if experiences frequently but without the magic. One night stands or random make outs have become very common, and often have similar effects to the video. After the kiss, one girl turned to her guy and asked “what was your name again?” Although this film was tastefully done, showing the cutesy intimacy and awkward jitters, what was displayed in the film is just showed the cute facade of the dark reality of random hook-ups.


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4 thoughts on “When Strangers Make-out

  1. finnegank0 on said:

    I was going to do a blog on this! I thought this video was extremely unique and somewhat shocking in a way. Everyone has their first kiss, sometimes with a stranger other times with someone they care about. But you make a good point about relating the video and “first kiss” to the modern day one night stands and random hook ups. It happens all the time anymore and first kisses are generally not as essential or mean as much as they once did.

  2. sattagoll on said:

    Wow this is very interesting, I actually never seen this video until now. This video was very awkward for me to even watch. I myself am vey ant-PDA so for them make a video of this was very brave of them. Thank you for this blog post because I am use it for my blog and how this a modern day remix of the movie.

  3. debellaa0 on said:

    I actually watched this video the other day and found myself laughing. The awkwardness that they all had is something everyone experiences at least once. This is something I have never seen before and it made me think back to my first kiss. The awkward eye contact and just standing around; it also has to be a little more intimidating that it will be on camera. You make a good point, how first kisses and make outs are now common, where as the older generations would think we are all a little wild.

  4. corder14 on said:

    While watching the video I couldn’t help myself from smiling because the first time one kisses someone its is the most awkward yet fun moment of your life. This video also shows that no matter what race, age or gender you prefer, the first time kissing someone is nerve racking yet full of energy.

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