We Are The Disease

Spreading the Viral Phenomenon


We Are The Disease is blog created to bring you the latest in all things viral. From how to make a viral video to the top ten of viral videos, on all different topics! Between the four of us, you will learn a lot about what the viral world consists of. So… Sit back, relax, blog on, and get to know the bloggers! #WATDZZ

Katie Finnegan:

New to the blogging world! Currently a junior at Rowan University studying writing arts and elementary education. Aspiring teacher and future educator of what will be the technological classroom within years to come. Why viral? Blogging about all things viral leaves a wide range of topics, ideas, and lessons to choose from. Stay tuned to read more blogs on the ins and outs of viral videos. Search them, you’ll be surprised what you find!

Deanna Bertini:

I am a junior at Rowan University studying Early Childhood Education and Humanities/Social Sciences. My hope is to continue on to Graduate School to get a Masters Degree in Higher Education Administration so I can work with student leaders some day! Viral topics have become universal to humans, with a wide array of ideas, or actions that become a part of our daily lives. Viral is just another product of technology that brings us closer every day.


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