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My Prezi

My Prezi is about how Facebook became the information ecology.  We spent a lot of time learning how to connect between different sites such as Twitter, Pocket, Feedly, and more.  But Facebook has already connected the internet.  We can do almost everything we did in class on Facebook.  We can share articles, share statuses, find articles, find news, and more.  It also discusses why we need to be technologically literate.  Speaking of technological literacy, I found out an easier way to sync the voiceover with the presentation.

Instead of recording a single voiceover, which you carefully have to sync with the slide times, you can record separate voiceovers for every slide.  When you click insert, instead of clicking “Add background music”, click “Add voiceover to path-step music”.  You also don’t need to set it to a timer; Prezi will automatically change to the next slide once the voiceover is done.  To watch my, simply start the presentation and enjoy.




Technologies and the future of writing


Technology and the future of writing addressed five major questions writers should think about in terms of how the writing process is changing. As the course comes to an end, I have taken these five questions and really put a lot of thought into the concept of writing and where it is headed. I remember getting our first computer lab in elementary school and being absolutely thrilled. Looking back, that was just the beginning of a long journey into technology. I could not imagine going through school without technology; computers and the internet, It makes life so much easier and everything is just a click away. Through this module, I have opened my eyes to the other tools available to students that can be helpful and extremely beneficial. Such sites like zite and feedly – tons of articles on any given topic set up to weed out the bad and excessive amounts of info to give you exactly what you are looking for. I generally use twitter everyday but within this class, it allowed me to use it in a whole new light and connect it to a blog that is accessible to anyone. Overall, using Web 2.0 tools and creating an information ecology allowed me to become a better writer through technology and better use sources to generate ideas. So, here is my final president summing all of that!


Technologies and the Future of Writingprezi_shot



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