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A Letter From Fred

In today’s society the music that floods our radio stations are often top 40 pop songs. Past popular songs such as Thrift Shop, Timber or We Can’t Stop grow go viral in minutes, but think about their meaning. Most of out popular songs today talk mostly talk about parties, sex or alcohol. A new song that came to my attention was featured in a short documentary┬áthat has just gone viral called A Letter From Fred. This 9 minute documentary captures a glimpse of Fred Stobaugh’s journey at 96 to write a heartwarming love song for his wife.

Jacob Colgan and Green Shoe Studios had a singer, songwriter contest open to the public, which is how he came across the letter from Fred. The only mailed letter in the contest, Colgan was touched by the sweet lyrics and heartwarming story of Fred’s love for his recently deceased wife, Lorraine. Fred and Lorraine met in 1938 were married for 75 years, the best years of Fred’s life. When Colgan called Fred with the good news of making his dreams come true and told him “we’re doing this together”, the elderly heartbroken man began to cry.

The song was recorded, using Fred’s lyrics by a professional singer and instrumentalist. Touching lyrics such as “sweet Lorraine, I wish we could do the good times all over again” and “but the memories always linger on, oh sweet Lorraine, I don’t want to move on” touched the hearts of over 6 million viewers on YouTube. When hearing his song for the first time, Fred broke into tears, uttering that the song was wonderful. These are the kinds of videos that should become viral, because this true love story reminds us of what is important, and that music can touch the lives of many when there is great meaning behind it. It is that kind of passion and meaning that we are missing in popular songs today, and it is nice to see a video such as this go viral, sharing Fred’s love and story to the world.




Selfie_CaptureSelfie? Taking a picture of oneself and uploading it to social media. You can’t admit that you have never taken a selfie!? Everyone has by now, even if it was with your dog – he needs to be in the selfie world too! Anyway, selfie was Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year in 2013 and has taken over the internet and social media sites one by one.

So what is the big deal with people taking selfies? Selfies became so popular that two artists joined forces with the help of a marketing firm to create a song and video that has taken the radio by storm. The video represents the idea of a “selfie” and our world we live in today that is taken over by social media. This video also represents how engrossed we truly are with the social networking idea and getting people to “like” or pay attention to what we post. See my previous blog, The Perfect Post if you want people to notice what you write. Take a look at the popular video.

The song based off of pictures we take of ourselves is a general representation of the modern day picture. Rarely do you see people pulling out cameras and asking others to take photos for them. It is much easier to click the button on your iPhone to turn the camera around to front view and snap a selfie. Try it, you’ll be surprised how easy it is.

This idea of self portraits being the next big thing generates back to a video by Michael Wesch. The video explains how the machine, meaning the computer and the web is using us. Towards the end of this video, he explains that we need to rethink a few things based off of what we do on the internet. Things such as privacy, identity, authenticity, and so on. All of these things play a major role in posting selfies to a social media site accessible to just about anyone, anywhere, at any time.

When you post something, regardless if you delete it within minutes of it being posted – chances are someone, somewhere may have captured that within those few minutes. We do have capability to screen shot anything on a smart phone without the person knowing. Therefore, next time you post a selfie, think twice as to what you are posting and who is going to see that… but wait …. let me take a selfie ­čÖé

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