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The perfect post?

Secrets to creating the perfect post!

The future of writing is rapidly changing with the help of technology. We all know that writing papers no longer consist of pulling out a piece of paper and a pen. When asked to write an essay for an assignment, I open a word document and start typing, the backspace button becomes my best friend. While browsing the web for anything viral to add to my posts, I stumbled across an article on Pinterest “Secrets to Creating the Perfect Status.” Initially, I scrolled right over it but I suddenly stopped and scrolled back up because I realized what the title said, is there such a thing as the perfect post or status? A post or a status is writing right? Writing with the help of technology?

Pinterst_CaptureIn my class, technologies and the future of writing – we use twitter. We use the social networking site to live tweet what we are talking about in class, tweet questions and comments about homework articles and videos as well as tweet topics related to our blogs (mine being viral). Twitter is a major aspect to this class and a huge part of communicating and getting information. The idea of the perfect post – facebook, twitter, pinterst, and Google are all social media networking sites that contain tons of different information. So what exactly is the right or wrong thing to post? Is it original? Do others judge you by your posts?

Twitter_CaptureThere is a such thing called “digital citizenship” that contains nine elements pertaining to the concept of what should and should not be of the digital citizen. K. Ferguson created four short videos that explain the idea that everything is a remix. Remix meaning┬áto combine or edit existing materials to produce something new.┬áKeeping with this idea of a remix, are our posts and statuses a remix of something prior? Retweets are remixes, pinning something you like on pinterest is a remix, and sharing a status on facebook is also remixing.

The article suggest that there are a few main ideas that perfect post should contain such as providing information, sharing vst when browsing social media sites. Speaking for myself, I rarely use Facebook but enjoy reading about other people. I tweet almost everyday and remain in contact with my friends and the latest celebrities and artists I enjoy. And lastly, pinterest is my escape from reality to like and “re-pin” things I like or wish to do and or see. So I guess you could say everything is a remix on social media sites. Whether you are tweeting, posting, or updating a status – reading someone else’s – or sharing something of someone else’s; it is all a REMIX!

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